Gig Alert: Yasmin plays HMV Next Big Thing

HMV is bringing its Next Big Thing series of gigs back for 2012 (a strange move considering the retailer is moving so far away from music now they’ll soon have to change their logo to a chimpanzee playing Dance Central 17!).

Either way, you cannot deny the prospect of Yasmin playing Borderline is more than a little tasty.  Yasmin is a new(ish) artist that I not only like, I am starting to truly admire.  Unlike many new artists on the scene she clearly knows her roots.  Her latest single, Light Up The World, is a real testament to this, a throwback to early nineties vocal jungle that could sit beside many of the classics from the time.

On twitter she is always waxin’ lyrical about one tune or another… the frigthening thing is her recommendations are pretty much always on point.  She was screaming about the Man Down Remix months before most people had even heard California King Bed!  The girl knows her music.

Her DJ set at Lovebox this summer was one of the Friday highlights, she was dropping tunes left-right-centre.  Not current tunes, those floor fillers from the late 90s, early 00s that fill you with joy as you reminisce.

Given this, a live show from her could be a very special thing indeed, especially if she decides to do a Katy B and cover some of the greats (Katy singing Gabrielle at Lovebox = made my musical year!).

So for £10, if she covers some classics or just sticks to her own songs it will be quite a night either way.  I would pick up your tickets quick though because at that price they won’t be around long.  Tickets are available from Ticketmaster… just joking HMV Tickets (it is their festival) here.  Oh, and the concert is on Sunday 5th February.


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