Please Christina Milan, pull on your boots and come do a gig in San Francisco!!!!

Singers/Bands I Need to See Live: #01 – Christina Milian

Even though I have been to many many gigs in my time (too scared to count how many), seeing Jill Scott was one of live music dreams come true.  It got me the thinking though; which other artists do I still really want to see perform ? Which artists would I instantly part money with and miss my child’s birth for (well may be not that but still you never know).

So without further ado, the first of a few posts about people I really, really, really, really, want to see come to London San Francisco to perform!  If I won the lottery, making these gigs happen would be the first thing I do…

Please, please come to London SAN FRANCISCO… Christina Milian

It is a mystery why Christina Milian is not one of the #1 R&B artists in the world right now.  It bamboozles me.

She’s delivered three consistently good albums. They’ve featured gems like Dip It Low, Say I, Got To Have You, Foolin’, Whatever You Want… all songs i’m sure if Beyonce or Rihanna released would be #1 records.  As a singer she has a beautiful voice; piquant and distinctive.  A tone which is both sweet and zestfully vivacious.

Record for record, she is up there with the best of them.  Although probably a little more focused on her acting now (which is a real shame for us music lovers) evidence suggests she can still put together a great floor-filling track.  If she collected all of leaked records over the years; Peep Show, Zipper, Into The Sunset, Stalker, Us Against The World she would have another superior album to her name.

On top of her musical prowess, factor in her seemingly genuine and tender personality, shown through her love for her daughter Violet, she seems like a lovely person who should be a role model to the world.

Superstar or not, it would be a dream come true to see her play a gig in London San Francisco.  One proviso though; 1) that she plays with a band (I had a dream Mamas Gun stepped in to play her tunes and it was the greatest show on earth).

So. Christina Milian. Please, please, please, please, with three cherries, four strawberries, Make-Up For Ever Lipstick, Christian Loubioutn boots, and Sticky Toffee Pudding come to London San Francisco for a gig!

Recommended Venue – Supper Club, Westborne Park BRICK + MORTAR MUSIC HALL

It’s intimate. The acoustic is great. A performance by Ms. Milian here would be the envy of Europe.. and now the World!

Ultimate set list (in no particular order)

AM to PM ~ When You Look At Me ~ Spending Time ~ Satisfaction Guaranteed ~ Got To Have You ~ For Real ~ Into The Sunset ~ Stalker ~ Peep Show ~ Miss You Like Crazy ~ Dip It Low (incl. Reggaeton Mix) ~ Whatever You Want ~ I Can Be The Woman ~ Foolin’ ~ Say I ~ Who’s Gonna Ride ~ Boombox ~ Zipper ~ Us Against The World


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