Gig News: Eric Roberson comes to London to help us all make love on Valentines!

Yep, Eric Roberson is back in London for a special Valentines Day gig at the Jazz Cafe, London.  Being Cupid’s special day I’m sure Erro will be firing up the slow jams and cracking the jokes to help everyone enjoy the evening.

The Jazz Cafe is a venue that always brings the best out of Mr. Roberson.  It’s small intimate setting is perfect for a singer who loves a crowd interaction.

Tickets are £20, and available from HMV Tickets or Ticketmaster.  For those that don’t know (or always forget) Valentines Day is the 14th of February!

Definitely a good decision is you are stuck for ideas… and probably an even better idea if you are single!  Let him know and I am sure Eric will be providing tips throughout the night!


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