Songs of the Week: Mystrogen, Skillz, J. Period & Mike Posner

Mystrogen – UK Rap-Up

We couldn’t kick-off 2012 without a nod to Mystrogen for his remarkable UK Rap-Up – seven minutes of pure entertainment.  January 1st, first thing I do is look for his update. Skillz, Skillz who?  It is all about the UK rap up these days, I don’t even know if Skillz put one out for 2011.

Click play and enjoy

Skillz – 2011 Rap-Up / Welcome 2012

OK… so just looked it up, and while it is not on Mystrogen’s level, is still worth a look.  All I can say is America had a boring year compared to the UK in 2011 (if they are to be judged by their rap-ups!)

Aretha Franklin – People Get Ready (J. Period Remix)

J. Period is better known for shouting all over his mixtapes and generally being a nuisance to anyone who wants to enjoy music.  Hats off to him for this remix taken from the Wake Up Radio! Mixtape though.  A nice re-working of a classic soul record.  Even though he does usually shout over records, we still love him because record’s he shouting over are usually hot!

Mike Posner – Marauder Music

Mike Posner’s album was somewhat of a musical flop – the ultimate disappointment after two years of solid mixtapes.  Well he is back to his finest with his latest mixtape The Layover.  The David Guetta-esque poor man’s Euro-Pop is gone and the laidback, sophisticated hip-hop beats are back.

This one is probably my highlight, very chilled introspective song about “the game”

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