Gig News: The Drums step up to the Roundhouse in February

In a year that even the British music press admit was p*ss awful for guitar bands, The Drums were one of the few bands that continued to stand-out.  Their surfer sounding music provided a distinctive sound reminiscent of evening sunsets strolling by the beach with the water trickling over your toes…

…ok, so every song sounds pretty much the same however that is not the point – it’s a good same The Drums generate!  A feel good same.

As part of the every expanding NME Tour in the new year they will be playing a show at London’s Roundhouse on February 27th.  I saw the Drums play the NME tour a few years ago and they certainly impressed live.  Well worth catching them if you can, and tickets are a bargain at only £16.60 direct from the Roundhouse.

Should be a good’un


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