Songs of the Week: Yasmin, Wynter Gordon, Mary J. Blige, Brandy & Monica, The Slakadeliqs (updated)

Yasmin – Five Minutes

I’ve made no secret of being a massive fan of Yasmin, and as long as she keeps on putting on out records as good as this nothing will change.  Love this record because of its sparse simplicity mixed with raw visceral energy in the lyrics.  She is spitting fire oh so softly.  It takes Yasmin 5 minutes to say something it takes most a few seconds, can you guess what it is?

Steve Aoki feat Wynter Gordon – Ladi Dadi

Wow.  Started listening to this and I thought is was just going to be another one of those boring,  dance tracks that seem to dominate the radio at the moment… then, it turned.  Dark Dubstep undertones, Wynters voice crescendos into a menacing scream and pow.  I was hooked.  Love it, love it, love it… and love the sinsiter video even more!

Mary J. Blige – Mr. Wrong

Mary had been off form for a minute, yet her latest single is a reminder she can still throw down when she want to.

Brandy & Monica – It All Belongs To Me

Brandy & Monica reunited again after far too many years.  These two really compliment each other and an album of duets would be the stuff of dreams.  Added the live version from Jay Leno a few nights ago.

Update (18/03/2012) – They’ve finally released a video for this record which I am liking a lot.  Brandy & Monica are both fine wines, getting better with age!

The Slakadeliqs – Everything for Nothing

Neo-Soul has certainly started off on a high in 2012.  Slakah the Beatchild released his an album from his side project, The Slakadeliqs and it is sensational.  One of the best neo-soul albums you will hear this year without a doubt.  I love the sunshine feel to the song, reminds me of blue skies and enjoying days doing nothing but enjoying great times.

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