Songs of the Week – Kelli-Leigh, Bobbi Gordon, Elle Varner

Kelli-Leigh – Dramaqueen

2011 was a rather big year for Kelli-Leigh, she accompanied Adele around on tour and at the start of 2012 she performed at the Grammys (albeit back-up to Adele, still you gotta start somewhere!).  Finally, she has released some music of her own and rather good it is too.  Dramaqueen is my favourite, starting off peaceful and serene then escalating in to rock-laden power record – it captures the bi-polar craziness associated with drama-queens as she asks her listeners to look further behind the scenes for the truth about her.  Great record that I cannot wait to hear live!

Bobbie Gordon – Fight You

Another lady flexing her vocal chords on Grammy night was Bobbie Gordon, who I first discovered when singing back-up for Zarif.  Now released on her own she has created a funky, and mischevious style of pop music; as colourful as it is cheeky.  My pick of her songs thus far is this one, Fight You – a song where she soulfully grumbles about a boyfriend who is a too nice – some women are never happy, lol!  Below is the live version from her “One Day Tour”, and another person I cannot wait to see live.

Elle Varner – Feel Like A Woman

Following the sunshine last week, this is the perfect record to celebrate the coming and going of British Summertime.  I love the relaxed reggae undertones, and Elle’s husky voice singing like the sunshine about her great man.  Not too hot on Bei Major’s rap (doesn’t add anything worthy), however this doesn’t take away from a great record by Elle.

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