Gig Review & Pictures: Avery Sunshine at Union Chapel, London – 08/03/2012


Some songs were sent up to the heavens from the Union Chapel.  There are many kinds of soul; there’s sensual soul – the kind that keeps to population going and creates babies.  There is political soul – the kind to touch your mind and motivate you to give a damn.  Then there’s spiritual soul – the kind that warms the unseen, and touches subconscious in a celestial nature.  Avery Sunshine is the personification of the Spiritual soul sound.  The Union Chapel making the perfect back drop.

She was playing in London to celebrate Dome Records 20th anniversary; the show a special part of celebrating one of the  UKs pioneering and foremost soul music record labels.

From start to finish her performance was graceful; warm, and wholesome.  Tracks like He Keeps On Doing Good Things had a beautiful tenderness when performed live.

When you see her perform it is almost unbelievable how humble she is, grateful for and treasuring each part of her story.  The radio-station manager who playlisted her song was in attendance showing his support for a very talented artist.  She gives out to her fans, and you could feel the love being sent back.

Avery’s set was not just spirit touching, she’s pretty funny too.  Sing-a-longs and stories of the day to day trails of an independent artist added real colour to her show.  The chapel was a great backdrop, the golden wood in the pews seemed to reflect the music; mature, like a gospel of soul.  It feels as though Avery Sunshine should have been a mainstay on the soul scene for some years, and it beggars belief Avery*Sunshine is her debut album such is the seasoned nature of her music.

Over all too soon, I skipped (OK, more merrily bopped) back to Highbury & Islington Station with a real joy in my heart.  Avery really has put me one step closer to God… or something more spiritual anyway!

Would recommend seeing her if she comes back to London and let life stresses seep away.  Who needs a Spa when you can cleanse the soul with music this good!


Avery Sunshine at Union ChapelAvery Sunshine at Union ChapelAvery Sunshine at Union ChapelAvery Sunshine at Union ChapelAvery Sunshine at Union Chapel


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