Songs of the Week: Ashanti, Delilah, Ravaughn

Ashanti – The Woman You Love

Seeing Ashanti back definitely put a smile on my face last week.  The best thing… she’s back firing on all cylinders (if the first single is anything to go by).  The song shows progression in Ashanti’s sound without selling out and going for one of them euro-pop songs everyone seems to be calling R&B these days.  It’s Pop/Dance… not R&B, get over it.  This one have a fierce beat, with solid snares that could work in any club situation… and I absolutely love the blue lipstick she wears in the video!  Oh, and the best thing about Ashanti being back, well she said she’s going to tour the new album in the UK – crossed fingers at the ready!

Delilah – 21

Sometimes you never quite know what a song is about… this is one of those records.  All I know is that this song, which seems to be about a close friend losing their life at 21, touched my heart.  It is deeply moving and powerfully emotional.  The spare production which builds and disperses captures emotion perfectly.  A great song.

Ravaughn – Same Ol Bullsh*t

Ravaughn, there are good men out there.  Probably about 75-80% fit in to the normal category; good guys with their heart in the right place, who mess up sometimes.  That said, as long as you keep meeting the 25-20% of guys who are losers, which in turn  makes you put our records this good… well I kinda hope you don’t find Mr. Right anytime soon, lol. Great song, and more faith that R&B is making a comeback after the dark days of Europop!

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