Gig News: Lauryn Hill returns to London for one-off show!

Yep, you read the headline correct.  Seems as soon as the sun comes out the gigs start being annouced like its all determined by the weather!

The mighty “Ms. Hill”  will be playing London’s Indigo2 on Saturday April 14th (same day as my friends wedding).  Tickets are… actually  I will talk about pricing a bit later.

Upfront I should say you cannot deny Lauryn Hill’s amazing talent.  Just one listen to her MTV Unplugged CDs will tell you that.  The Misseducation of Lauryn Hill, her debut (and only) studio album sits head and shoulders above many records, and is a certified desert island disc.  Talent she has in abudance….

…the problem is she can be a diva when playing live.  She has delayed concerts so that her nails can dry, and was even sued for being a belligerent diva last year.  A friend of mine saw her in New York at a festival a few years ago and apparently she turned up hours late, sung a few songs and then p*ssed off.

So, when you consider all of that, spending £47.50 for standing tickets and up to £110 to have a seat, it becomes a bit of a risk!  Bear in mind, that is £47-£110 before Viagogo, Seatwave and the other touting cretin get there hands on them (and I am sure they will get there hands on a sizable proportion of the tickets!).

If I was not going to the wedding, I would be taking the risk though because if Lauryn turns up with dry nails, it could be one of those lifetime memories.  And it is a Saturday night so you can still get home if she does diva it up to the max!

Tickets are on sale from tomorrow (23rd March) at 9:00am.  They will be available from Ticketmaster.


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