Gig News: Mz Bratt announces first show with live band

This one should be nice.

Mz Bratt has long been the darling of the underground MC scene in London. She was worked with everyone and played pretty much everywhere, yet she still is not a household name.

After paying more dues than the entire scene put together, she finally signed a deal last year which mean she should finally get the exposure her talent deserves.

This show, her first with a full band, is very intruiging because Grime is not necessarily associated with live musicians.  The genre is a very much electronic sound, so translating this to a band setting can be tough.  That said, when done correct (name check Dizzee Rascal and Maverick Sabre) it can be sensational.

The gig takes place at Barfly, Camden on May 8th.  Tickets will cost you less than a cocktail at £7.50.  Throw in support from Kal Lavelle who I would more than happily play that price to see on her own and you have what should be a good night out.

Tickets are available from HMV tickets.  I would put serious consideration on this one because I have a feeling that following the first few singles, the odds of her playing somewhere this small again are pretty much slim to none.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


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