Gig News: Jay-Z and Kanye West tickets, bargains to be had!

Can I hear a massive hurrah!

We have another small win over the ticket-touts and “re-sellers” in the form of the Jay-Z and Kanye West concert at The O2.  Dates run from Friday 18th to Tuesday 22nd May.

Looks like the scum miss-judged it and you can pick-up tickets pretty cheaply via e-Bay; some sellers offering 2-4-1 and others are giving a fairly tidy £20 off the standing face-value!

As always, when buying from eBay be very careful; check ratings, check delivery details, check whether or not you are buying a real ticket or an e-ticket (if you buy the latter – big risk – make sure you get there early before anyone else has the chance to activate it before you).

I am assuming you’ll be able to negotiate some bargains on GumTree too!  Either way, have fun trying to get a bargain, be safe and celebrate a small win for concert lovers and send an up-yours to the touts and “re-sellers”.



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