Songs of the Week: Kamilah Sumner, Krystle Warren, Taylor Clarke, Hannibal King

Kamilah Sumner – Hear My Cry

Still as good as new – an interesting phrase.  R&B singer Kamilah Sumner has good reason for using it though.  She recorded a more than a few songs over the last five, six sometimes more years ago and when she played them back recently they still sounded fresh.  So she released them, and the world is a better place for her doing so.

The whole EP is one of the most enjoyable R&B sets I have heard for a long time.  It instantly led me to two questions though; 1) When is new new music coming out? And 2) Why on earth did I not hear these songs when they were originally written?  All I do know is that I am very glad I can hear them now.  The EP is available on Bandcamp (on a name your price download so don’t be stingy!) my favourite song, Hear My Cry, is below.

Krystle Warren – The One Who Takes You Home

This was probably my favourite song from Krystle’s gig last week.  I just love the tender lyrics and can picture the scene vividly, “As you sway to your favourite song, my focus strays, to the right of the curve… to the right of the curve of your hip, you’re a masterpiece.” – a perfect lovers records.

Only linkable version I could find was a live video from a gig in Brooklyn.  Doesn’t quite do it justice, however the song is very special and it certainly comes across in the performance (even though the sound is a little off)

Taylor Clark – Drift

This song this week is a really nice hip-hop / soul fusion, from another great EP I found on bandcamp.  Don’t know much about Taylor Clarke, all I know is this song has had more than a few plays today (and will do for a while to come).

Hannibal King – Lately

Thought I’d close out with some hip-hop.  I feel like good hip-hop is impossible to find these days without searching really really hard.  It’s digging for yellow diamonds in Harrow Town Centre!  Stumbled across this while playing on Bandcamp and fell in love.  Enjoy… if you like soulful sounding hip-hop it may be a long long time till you hear anything this good, make the most of it!

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