Gig News: More Innocent sponsored fun in Regent’s Park this summer

Fruitstock used to be a staple on my “things to do in summer” list.  The free music festival was always one of the highlights of my summer (indeed it was the first time I ever saw Ty and Paloma Faith live).  However, Innocent (the brand who organised the festival  – seriously I had no idea, thought it was Jazz FM) started to realise it was a great day out… however it probably did very little for their brand.

Fruitstock ended and over the last few years they’ve organised summer fetes and other malarkey to hopefully boost their brand appeal.  This year they are having a “fruit sports day”, things like a lemon and spoon race and running around in bean constumes.  It sounds like jolly old fun (and probably requiring a Pimms smoothie to be created specially for the event – alcohol included).

The musical line-up in the form of punchy reggae from Hollie Cook and warm folk infused tunes from Charlotte Reed is starting to make the day look even more attractive.  Added to all the other shenanigans it should make for a pretty awesome family day out (if the sun is kind to us… actually, thinking about the weather,  since they stopped Fruitstock we have had pretty stinking summers in London – forget Global Warming, I’m blaming Innocent Smoothies for the poor summers in London the last few years!).

Another thing Innocent have learned (unfortunately) is that these things cost money and tickets are £12.50 (+fees) and available from their website.   Not a bad price for what should be a really good day, however, for that price I am expecting at least few (yes, plural, more than one) free smoothies!!!


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