Singers/Bands I Need to See Live: #02 – Amber Davis

Last January I went to the Philippines for a friend’s wedding.  While there I discovered so much great new music I could hardly get my suitcase closed for the CDs over flowing from within.  The shining light from my discoveries was R&B singer Amber Davis.  Where was she hiding my whole life?

Amber Davis’ music is pure, natural, untainted R&B; think Mya’s first two albums.  She has the ability to make unpretentious records which entice you to listen.  On Feel Good Music, she tackles a moving story about teenage pregnancy in a saccharine sweet yet incredibly touching manner – focusing on how music can be a healer.

Then there’s Light Years, a recent dance influenced single which remains heavily rooted in R&B.  It’s a song that is, in my opinion, up there with the best R&B coming out of America and the UK at the moment.  It is so effortlessly good and pleasing to your ears you just want to listen to it more and more. Or there is Manila, and ode to her home town every bit as anthemic as Empire State of Mind!

Hearing all these songs live would be incredible, especially as the photos I have seen of her shows suggests she plays with a band, which means a little re-invention with each song she plays.  She is definitely added to the list of people I would like love to see live.  Shoot, if I won the lottery one of the first things I would do is head out the Philippines to see her play a show.

Alas that isn’t happening soon (winning the Lotto), so I can only dream of her coming the UK for a gig.  I think Amber Davis in the UK would be an interesting affair.  There is a huge Filipino community in London.  If you doubt me, just ask anyone in Hounslow near Lampton Park who see it become a home from home for thousands of Filipinos each summer at the annual Barrio Fiesta.

However, going by the British Filipinos I know (and I know fair a few) her music doesn’t seem well known amongst them; I seem to be educating them not the other way round.  That said, if the word spreads to the Filippino community she is coming it could turn in to a road block as they come out to support her.  The success of the show is a bit of an unknown.

All I do know is that Amber Davis is an incredible singer and I would love to see her live in London Town.  Thrown in KC Concepcion and Zia Quizon to warm-up and ladies and gentlemen we’d have a show I tell ya!


A Good Venue – Dingwalls

Dingwalls may not be the classiest venue in town however it is some of the best live music venues in London.  It usually builds a great atmosphere and the acoustics are better than most.  It would also overcome the roadblock vs. small show scenario because you can layout the tables for a more jazz club feel (a la Krystle Warren last week) if not too many tickets are sold and it’ll still feel packed.  If sales went well, a short residency there or even stepping up to the Roundhouse would be a good way to go.

Ultimate Set List (in no particular order)

Light Years ~ Manila ~ Feel Good Music ~ Ain’t A Crime ~ Heartbreaker ~ Nobody ~ Sweet Revenge ~ Show Me A Sign ~ See You Soon ~ In This Place ~ FYI ~ We Need Love ~ Show Me A Sign ~ Back In To You

Ps. Does anyone know if her album FILAM was actually released and if so where I can get a copy in the UK?  I cannot find it anywhere at all!

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