Songs of the Week: Best Coast, Kirby Laureyn, Gen Renard, & Ed Sheeran

Best Coast – The Only Place

I did something on Wednesday I have not done for ages.  I walked in to a record store, HMV in fact, and heard a song playing so good I had to buy the album immediately.  An urgency overtook my body and I could not control the hand to wallet pull-out cash motion. It was like I was transported back to 1999 when that used to happen week in week out before music discovery went digital and the records stores began to board up.

The album, is one of the best I have heard this year and this song is probably my favourite on it.  They Only Place makes me want to just pack up and head out the States to live in the sunshine for a few months. Although, I didn’t win the EuroMillions jackpot so that may not be happening for a while.

I challenge you to listen to the album and not fall in love with it.

Kirby Laureyn – His Story

Emotional and powerful record; telling lyrics written from the perspective of “new girlfriend” to ex-girlfriend.  What would usually be done with bass thumping, hard drum kicks made in to an aggressive record Kirby Lauryen song is calm, measured and calculated – the soft accompaniment making each word stand-out and settle.  Brilliant bit of music every bit loving and compassionate as it is callous.  I applaud six times over.

Gen Renard – Mauvais Jor

A super smooth bit of French R&B.  I’ve been hearing some really good R&B coming out of France recently, it’s like they didn’t get the memo that R&B should now be House Music.  It makes French R&B all the better for it – I hope no-one passes the message their way though.  Someone take away David Guetta’s passport so he can’t visit… shoot he’s French isn’t he, just don’t let him back in the country then, he’ll ruin it for everyone!

Gen Renard’s song is great, have no idea what she is singing about but sometimes that doesn’t matter.

Ed Sheeran – Small Bump

I featured the acoustic version of this record a few months ago thinking he would never release this song as a single.  In a chart filled songs about good-times, clubbing and sex it’s a bold move to release such a heart-breaking record.  However this is Ed Sheeran, and his single choices are one of the many reason that make him such a unique and exciting artist.  This is the guy who stood in front of the royal family last week and sung a song about a homeless lady addicted to drugs – reminding the world that not everyone is privileged.

A fantastic record that still has the power to move me close to tears. The video is simple and effective.  The lyrics capture the joy and shocking despair vividly.  I hope this charts well and the radio stations don’t shy away from playing it because of its powerful content.  There are some records than need to be heard; this is one of them!

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