Songs of the Week: Tweet, Anisa, Elise, & Edwin Yearwood & Alison Hinds

Tweet – Trouble

When Tweet popped up on Syleena Johnson’s album I got excited about the possibility of a comeback.  The comeback happened, but booooooy; I had no idea it would be this good.

Trouble, is sweet, wholesome, warm… music this good will probably extend your life by about 7.29 years.  Every time I hear a record this good I hope it will signal the comeback of real R&B.  I hope so, the world will be a better place

Anisa feat. Wretch 32 – Music

A quite haunting ode to music and the passion that goes in to making great music.  Anisa’s stirring vocals paint a melancholy watercolour of her dedication to music.

Wretch 32’s contribution is surprisingly solid.  At times you want to have a giggle as he stands silently in the video probably thinking should I drop in a “uh huh… yeah”.  What he does do is respect Anisa’s song and then floats over the top of the piano with an affecting and perfectly measured verse to compliment Anisa’s song.  Wretch again manages to show off what a versatile rapper he is.

Great song and very intrigued to hear the original version

Elsie – How To Get Famous

This one is a bit of fun.

What can you do to get famous in London Town, well let Elise take you on a interactive journey to find out.  A fun, breezy, sunshine song with undertones of ska to help you on a journey through the world of fame.  I wonder if she’ll take her own advice???

Edwin Yearwood & Alison Hinds – Hit Ah Nerve

I’m off to Barbados (fingers crossed) soon, so thought I needed to catch-up on some sweet soca to get me in the mood.  Had to search out new music from my favourite, Edwin Yearwood and found this great song.  Gotta feeling feelin’ this’ll be quite an anthem come Carnival time!

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