Songs of the Week: Aruba Red, LeaLea Jones, Cleo Sol, Teairra Mari, Tweet

Just got back from a lovely break in Barbados.  I leave the country and the financial systems seems to fall to pieces again and Nadal gets whooped at Wimbledon.  Still some cracking tunes to pass the world while goes down the toilet and I plot my return to Barbados.

Aruba Red (feat. Logic) – Take Me To The Light

Aruba Red seems to be gathering some real pace recently off the back of the Angels In Disguise EP.  Take Me To The Light is a beautiful and chilled record, with a sunrise piano loop offset against a driving drum beat.  It creates a dreamy atmosphere; like looking at the world through a crisp, smokey haze.  A song for the sumertime sunsets

LeaLea Jones feat. Horace Andy – The Road

Another songs for those summer sunsets is this one by Lealea Jones.  I haven’t heard anything from Ms. Jones for a while now, so it was a nice surprise to stumble upon this when I got back from holiday.  This track has a strong roots reggae vibe and it really works.

Cleo Sol – Never The Right Time (Who Do U Love)

For all the sunset tunes, this one is straight up summer.  Catchy, fun, and energetic, this song has just kept growing and growing on me.  Love the use of the Isley Brothers Work To Do sample (come to think of it, hearing her cover the original would be pretty sweet) and the extra-umph she’s added.  It all just works.  Great song and really looking forward to hearing more from her.

Teairra Mari feat 2 Chainz – U Did That

So this may just be one of the sexiest songs I have heard all year (and the video is pretty… well you’ll see for yourself, lol – I must be getting old).  Everyone needs a musical vice every now and then, think this song is one of them.  Let go and enjoy.

Tweet – Face to Face

Tweet’s quest to give out the album of the year one song at a time over ten to twelve weeks continues.  Her latest give away song, Face to Face adds a touch more funk to to proceedings whilst maintaining the top notch quality.  Does she know what she’s doing?  Do I care as long as she keeps giving away music this good for free?  Roll on next Tuesday!

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