Songs of the Week: Luke Concannon, Helena, Chantel, K’La

Luke Concannon – I Want To Be Free

There are some voices you just miss.  Like a childhood toy, they pop-up every now and then to remind you how much you miss then, haunting you.  Luke Concannon has one of those voices, so distinct and full of yearning  it can stop rooms silent.  Since he and John called time on Nizlopi I have sorely missed Luke’s voice.  So it is great to hear him singing again and with a new album on the way.  I Want To Be Free is one of those heartbreaking and introspective songs that he is a genius at writing.  Very much looking forward to the new album and seeing him play soon.

Helena – Sunlight

Was this iTunes song of the week?  Did gremlins enter my phone while I was sleeping and download music?  Am I losing my mind?  I have no idea how this song appeared on my phone.  Maybe it was force of nature… I seriously have no idea. Can’t even find it in iTunes. What I do know is that this is a cracking song; so whatever demon, gremlin or pleasant person who put it there, I thank you.  A moody piece of atmospheric pop-music.  Love it!

Chantel (feat. Cartie) – Sending My Love

I’m finally reaching the age where songs from my childhood are being covered.  It won’t be long before a saccarine sweet acoustic version of No Scrubs or She’s Got That Vibe is featured in a Marks & Spencers ad trying to sell me sofas at Christmas time while the dog feasts on turkey and lamb as its owners freeze outside in the backyard.  This cover of Zhane’s record from the 90’s maintains all the style and flavour of the old school.  The beat is fresh, yet stills respectfully nods to yesteryear, and manages to conjure up memories of summers past (when we actually had sun in London) and the only care was making sure you didn’t mash up your coat while it was being used for a goal post!  Sweet record.

K’La feat. Nas – Blame

I loved the Coldest Winter Ever mixtape. So seeing K’La coming back, and coming back with a record like this which is pure fire… well it almost bought a tear to my eye.  So what if summer is a complete wash-out in the UK we have some blinding music to get us through.  K’La controls this beat which has a strong sense of mystery thanks to some mystical piano samples.  The fact I keep forgetting Nas is even on this record shows just how strong K’La is.  Looking forward to hearing a lot more.  Enjoy.

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