Songs of the Week: Tea Street Band, Whojax, and Kcat

Tea Street Band – Summer Dreaming

It was the strangest of people who put me on to this song, Rebecca Ferguson (guess I’m going all X Factor this week).  Saw her mention this in her twitter feed so I took a look, and boy was she right.  This is a cracking summer tune.  Dreamy and picturesque, the vocals float and disappear in to the sweet relaxing haze.

Great song.

Whojax – London City

After Mo’s sensational win on Saturday, Jessica Ennis bringing delivering in majestic and dominant style, Andy Murray dismantling the best tennis player the sport has ever known… Greg Rutherford winning the most unexpected of gold medals for everyone to forget because a) they still can’t quite believe he actually won, and b) it was sandwiched between Mo and Jessica.  I’m feeling very proud to be British right now, not only British but a Londoner too.  I’ve always loved my home town and this summer I’m falling even more in love with it.

This song is a little bit of fun in homage to our great capital city.  Well timed release too!

Kcat – So Many / Out of Control

I’ve loved Kcat (pronounced “cat” not “kay-cat”) ever since I heard My Destiny back in 2008-ish.  The track was a real throwback, like her and Mike Deliquent were stuck in 2001, in an age when 2-step filled our hearts and dancefloors with pure carefree happiness.  So when I heard the pair recently released a new song, Broken, I was, well… happy.

The tracks they’ve released in between have been have kept the standard up; Kcat provides the sweet Amaretto, Mike Delinquent the Whiskey and with a splash of bassline (or coke) out pops a great cocktail.  I went searching to hear what concoction they had created with Broken...

…searching, searching, searching and I couldn’t find it to listen to.  Not on YouTube, not on Soundcloud, not even on Daily Motion!  Accessibility to music is something I’ve come to take for granted in 2012.  I lazily put “Kcat Broken” into Google fully expecting a YouTube link to pop-up.  When nothing came up, I was confused, disturbed and left scratching my head in a daze.

While recovering from this temporary depression, with a healthy shot of Cockspur VSOR, and continuing the Google searches in anticipation it made a mistake first, second, and seventeenth search around, I started to reflect.  Finding music  has changed so dramatically over the last ten years and the liberator, the Internet, is also the#1 villain.

I’m no DJ but back in the day I would trek miles to visit D’Vinyl Records just to hear (and spend my hard earned Saturday job money on) new music.  I would religiously listen to and tape radio shows (shout out Genius Crew and Huckleberry Finn; after 12+  years I’m still searching for a copy of Dreaming by the way) because I knew they would play everything I needed to and wanted to hear.

Now, as the radio rarely plays something I want to listen to, if there is a new song out and I cannot hear it via youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp etc. I feel completely lost, like I’ve been dropped in the middle of a New Dehli slum with nothing but  a copy of GQ.  And with record stores closing faster than a Usain Bolt 100m, there is pretty much nowhere to turn.

Anyways, I consoled myself with listening to Kcat’s back catalogue.  Then realised I have never posted about her on my blog before; so for your listening pleasure Kcat’s two songs from earlier this year, both blinders (and there is a song called Million on the So Many EP which well worth the download) and I’ll wait wait for a version Broken to be released on iTunes or a version put on youtube… or soundcloud… or bandcamp… or vimeo… well think you get the picture!

Kcat – So Many

Mike Delinquent feat. Kcat and Donae’o – Out of Control


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