Songs of the Week: KCAT, Ashanti, Leddra, Bobby Womack

It’s been a while since I have had a chance write a song of the week.  A few cracking tunes and an epic mini-series developing so lets get going…

KCAT -Broken

Finally!  A version of broken has been uploaded on KCAT’s YouTube site; can I get a whoop whoop?!  The great thing is its not the song I was expecting… it is so much more and 10x better than I could have hoped for.

It has the signature two-step vibe and sweet vocals; the whole song conjures images of yesteryear.  I love it and cannot wait for the release.  Fingers crossed it can get some serious radio play.

Ashanti – No One Greater

Ashanti on the comeback trail is definitely a good thing.  Her latest effort, No One Greater is fire!  The bass is thunderous, rolling effortlessly against Ashanti’s signature flow.  The fact it features Meek Mill and French Montana is pretty much irrelevant, she carries this tune entirely on her own.  Its been 10 years since she hit the charts with Foolish, and if she keeps putting out tracks like this then the next ten years should be full musical blessings.

On another note, daaaaaamn – what have they been putting in her water.  I don’t ever remember Ashanti looking better than she does now.  It’s like fine wine and then some (keeps getting better with age!).

Leddra – Easy as ABC Series

This has the potential to be an epic mini-series.  Leddra is working her way through the alphabet via cover versions.   She picks three artistes, we “the public” vote via Twitter/Facebook and voila, every fortnight we have a new version of the poplar artist.   It’s a developing in to a great little series because Leddra’s voice and re-interpretations are so beautiful.

She has covered A, B and Calready.  Check her youtube page for updates

Bobby Womack – The Bravest Man in the Universe

I know it came out ages ago, however I finally settled down and gave some attention to the Bobby Womack album.  Its been pretty hard to get past the first song to be honest.  Bobby’s voice is like coarse gravel over the mid-tempo record.  His voice may be raw soul, however the beat is pure contemporary.  Great record!

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