Gig News: Charlotte Church making a comeback with very intimate London gig

Charlotte Church, yes, that Charlotte Church; childhood operatic sensation and sometimes Channel 4 TV presenter is making a comeback… and a very intriguing comeback this may turn out to be.

She has decided, now she is all grown-up it is time to make some grown-up music.  Enter a eerie video, music full of dramatic crescendos, wedding dresses in the forest… think you get the picture.

One thing you cannot deny is the strength of her voice which at times seems to want to run away from her on the lead single, How Not To be Surprised When You’re A Ghost; the operatic tones in her voice trying to break-free and Charlotte fighting to keep them restrained on a somewhat subtle record make for an engrossing listen.

If you are like me, £14.50 (+fees) is a fair price to feed your curiousity about Charlotte and what her re-invention may be like.  Add to that, this gig is at Monto Water Rats, probably one of the smallest venues you’ll ever see her play it makes the date, 24th September, pretty much essential.  You can pick up tickets from TicketWeb.

This one should be well worth checking out, her latest video is below so you can see her reincarnation for yourself.


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