Songs of the week: Mamas Gun, Floacist, Valerie June, Frank Ocean

A few weeks go by without hearing much then bam… three buses, four trains and an elephant all come along at once!  Lets get to it…

Mamas Gun – The A Team

Ed Sheeran’s A Team must be one of the most covered songs over the last 12 months.  This time it has been given the Mamas Gun, sweet funky soul treatment.  All of the gentle heartache of the original is exchange for a pulsating soul soundscape.  Andy’s voice giving the record a new gravitas and re-invention.  This is part of the band’s new album of covers, if they are all half as good as this it should be cracking!

Floacist – Say Yes

It’s been ten years since Floetry released their debut album Floetic (I know, I can’t believe it has been that long either!).  To celebrate this landmark, The Floacist has released a 10th anniversay version of arguably the record which made the South Londoners famous.  I hope you enjoy this each  and every bit as much as I did.  By the way, her new album has a rather controversial title, Floerty Re:Birth, interesting to see where she goes with that one.

Valerie June – Working Woman Blues

Valerie June reminds me in many ways of an early Erykah Badu in the way she takes every day struggles and gives them a very ethnic remaking.  Loving the blue grass undertones and urgency of this record.  Great piece of music.

Frank Ocean – Lost

I quite often listen to the music and people who are popular at the moment and promptly loose faith in my generation once again.  For that reason I have avoiding Frank Ocean like I avoid mayonnaise.  Then. whilst trading songs with a colleague (over my lunch of course) I was sent the following record.  I have to give respect where its due – lovely record… the album might just be worth a cheeky listen on the back of this one.

… that’s all for now, I’ll save the others for next week!

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