Gig review and pictures: A Blossom Fell at Monto Water Rats, London – 24/09/2012

I remember a few years ago I went to see Laura Izibor at Kings College Union.  I arrived early a caught the warm-up act, a band called Mamas Gun.  They absolutely blew my mind (and anyone who reads this blog regularly knows just how much I love them).  I got a small sense of deja-vu last night, because while Charlotte Church was good… A Blossom Fell were great!
Everything about them just oozed excitement.  It was indie with some seriously strong funk undertones.  They managed to find bouncy melodic riffs and pump vitality in to them.

Bruised and Battered Sister was not a sinister as the title suggests, it was an impassioned romp which saw the band fly through more gears than Jenson Button in an F1 race.   Every song in the set felt super-powered.  The way they manage to feed in wholesome funky basslines and playful lyrics was very refreshing.

There seems to be a strong chemistry in the band which helps A Blossom Fell really grab you.  They have fun and it translates through the energy in the songs they play to the dancefloor.  I challenge you to listen to them and not shake your booty, I think it would be an impossible task.  Everything about them seems to just fit.

If they are not signed, they really need to be… however they need to be to signed to one of those labels which just gives them money and let them do their thing.  If I win the EuroMillions on Friday, I’d give them a million quid to find the best sound engineer in the country to make their recorded music sound as invigorating as it did last night.

All I know for sure is that A Blossom Fell picked up a new fan last night (to be fair given the reaction they picked up a few more new fans than just me to add to their small army of dedicated followers).   The great thing is I get the feeling this is a band in their early stages, and one which will keep on getting better and better.

Discovering bands like Mamas Gun, Rox (really do wonder how she is doing), Velvet Stream and A Blossom Fell is justification for getting to gigs in time for the warm-up because every now and again they’ll completely steal the show (and change your future listening habits at the same time).

RobA Blossom Fell at Monto Water Rats, London A Blossom Fell, Monto Water Rats A Blossom Fell, Monto Water Rats A Blossom Fell, Monto Water Rats ABF at Monto Water Rats 03 A Blossom Fell at Monto Water Rats, London

One thought on “Gig review and pictures: A Blossom Fell at Monto Water Rats, London – 24/09/2012

  1. I couldn’t agree more – I’d give them a million too! I’ve never danced so hard, like you said, it’s completely impossible not to. I just wish they had an album out so I could listen to them at home. But no doubt they will soon…these guys are seriously going places.

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