Songs of the Week: Misha B, Bright Light Bright Light, Shonen Knife

Misha B – Do You Think of Me

This feels like a song which should have been released at the start of summer.  It has a punchy, bouncy feel to it with deep, rich bass and an incredible catchy chorus.  It was the stand-out song from her set, and in my opinion a better first single than Home Run.  I  just hope it gets the support from radio stations and DJs it needs.  If this were Nicki Minaj singing I’m pretty confident it’d be  Top 10…

Bright Light, Bright Light – Debris

This record is pure heartbreaking beauty.  I had no idea (until last week) Bright Light, Bright Light (finally) released his début album earlier in the year.  No idea how I missed its launch, still very happy to have found it now!   This song, Debris, was recorded many moons ago under his previous singing alias, Rod Thomas.  It is the perfect counterbalance to the electro-pop on the rest of the album.  It captures perfectly that moment at the end of a relationship when love just runs out.  His words create such a vivid, perfect picture, it feels like you are there watching the whole episode unfold.  Songs like this are very rare.

Shonen Knife – Pop Song

Three minutes and twenty one seconds of pure fun in the style of catchy, thrashy, all-female punk music from Japan!  They even throw is 60s girl-group style harmonies over the top of some serious guitar licks.   Feel good lyrics sung with a youthfully cute anglo-oriental accent; I love it, love it, love it!  When I find some time I very much look forward to researching their (quite extensive by the looks of things) back-catalogue.    Enjoy this one many times over.

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