Songs of the Week: Jetta, Karian Sang, Solange, Mamas Gun

Jetta – Start A Riot

The only word adequate enough to describe this song is epic!  If I could think of a more grandiose word at 6:29 in the morning then I probably would.  Everything about this record, the way it builds, its powerful chorus.  At the start there’s a bit of the XX, the mid-way through it gets aggressive, like a musical shot of adrenaline laced espresso!  Her voice is stadium ready; has the potential to be as big if not bigger than Emeli Sande’s.  All week I’ve been wondering who would be able to lead us out the musical wilderness, give us a great album reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s what’s going on… Jetta may just be the leader our generation needs… sound of 2014, lets hope so!

Karian Sang (feat. Lagaxy) – Talk To Me

Out of every piece of pain and anguish something great can grow.  I was in no way a fan of Drak’e song “featuring” Aaliyah (and I will not open old wounds today).  However, if it were not for that, we wouldn’t have this great record from Karian Sang.  I’m not the biggest fan of “Pop R&B” at the moment, however this record shines out.  Karian’s vocal sound fits the sparse beat perfectly and I find myself drawn further and deeper in to the record as it plays.  It all fits to make a very engaging and engrossing listen.

Luckily Drake’s record did not get as much traction as I thought it would, I sincerely hope Karnian Sang’s version gets played loudly, all over the planet!

Solange – Losing You

Beyonce’s little sister being back is definitely a good thing.  I loved her second album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams so to see her releasing new music after such a long break brightened my week.  The retro sound is gone, replaced with a very subtle new-age tingle with and solid R&B drive.  Liking this a lot… and what’s with all the Union Jack’s in the video?  She really needs to come to town for a show soon, maybe it’s a sign (it’s just a tease otherwise!).

Mamas Gun – Yesterday’s New

It’s always good to discover an old song from one of your favourite bands you never knew existed.  That is exactly what happened last week when I discovered this little gem from Mamas Gun (who have just released their latest album, Aversions via Pledge Music).  Their trademark smooth soul sound is all over this cover version of Li Xiang Lan’s 李香兰.

Great record and more confirmation of why Mamas Gun remain one of the countries finest bands (and exports – how they are still relatively unknown in the UK bemuses me, still they remain big in Japan!).

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