Gig News: Two absolute gems playing some Late Night Jazz in November

With London Jazz Festival coming up, I always keep an eye out for little events worth checking out and this year it has conjured up a back to back cracker.

First up on Tuesday 13th November, Ayanna-Witter Johnson is performing.  Ayanna can do magical things with her cello and can create a mesmerizing atmosphere with her powerful songs and heartfelt stories accompanying them.

She is followed by, on Wednesday 14th  November, Natalie Duncan who I saw play the Station Sessions on Thursday night.  Repeating what I said before, she was in absolute joy to listen to so the thought of her own gig makes the spine tingle.

Both are taking place in the Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall.  Both are part of the late night Jazz series so kick-off at 9:45pm (which is worth bearing in mind if you need to make a quick exit).   Tickets for Ayanna’s show are £15 and available direct from the Royal Albert Hall here.  Tickets for Natalie’s show are… sold out!  Didn’t realise that before I started typing.  Who knows you may be lucky enough to pick some-up on eBay or summat – I assume the face value will be similar to Ayanna’s so please don’t get yourselves ripped-off.

Both gigs should be very special indeed… oh and as its late the temptation for many will be to drive down, however do think carefully about this and plan because parking round the Royal Albert Hall is a pain and the clampers always seem to be out in force; you’ve been warned!


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