Gig review and pictures: The Woo Woos at Queen of Hoxton (Must Be Pop Live) – 06/11/2012

There’s often a pre-conception that girl bands need to be super sweet, sugar-coated and colourful, like a pack of Haribo Starmix – something for everyone yet highly likely to make your tooth rot on induce temporary additive fueled insanity if you consume too much.  For a girl band to be successful it seems there  needs to be Lipsy dresses, coral lipstick and super high stilettos.  Once the image is right then everything else should fall in to place…

Well the WooWoos (is it Woowoos, Woo Woos, WooWoos, Wooooos…?) seem to be striving to break this mould in a good way.  Heels replaced with military boots and high-tops and not a Coral MAC tinted lip gloss in sight.

There was a edginess to the music, the drum licks were hard and solid with a urgency about them.  There was grown-up nature to the music, one more akin to more indie influenced bands than pop heavy nature a four girl vocal line-up suggests.  The songs were fun, Pep Talk and Win the Lottery standing out.  A cover of The XXs Angels was stripped back to its bones and displayed a tender and vulnerable interlude between the more gritty playful songs.   I really liked the sound, especially when it  leaned towards a harder style.  At times times tighter harmonies would have been nice, however this is not a group trying to the be new En Vogue and a rougher edge to harmonising added to their style.

WooWoos (just gonna run with this version of the name) are a group with a lot of potential and I have a feeling with more song-writing and experimenting over the next year and we may see an even better group at the end.  Personally, I’d like to see them amplify the indie side of their sound a little more.  Girl groups in that genre often lean towards being imitations of 60s groups – if they can find a balance somewhere between The Pierces, Santigold and Melanie Fiona it should produce something unique and appealing.

The performance was full of promise and very much looking forward to seeing what this girl group has in store for the future.


WooWoos at QOH 007 Woo Woos at Queen of Hoxton / Must Be Pop Live Woo Woos at Queen of Hoxton / Must Be Pop Live Woo Woo at Queen of Hoxton (Must Be Pop Live) Woo Woo at Queen of Hoxton (Must Be Pop Live) WooWoos at QOH 004

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