Gig review and pictures: Krystle Warren at Soho Theatre, London – 07/11/2012

My girlfriend isn’t the biggest fan of live music however there is one artists she loves and will always make sure w see play at least once every year; that lady is Krsytle Warren.  If it were not for my girlfriends borderline obsession with the guitar playing folk singer from New York I may not have paid as much attention to her as I have done in recent years.  I definitely would not have seen her perform as many times as I have so and my ears are very thankful they have.

Krystle’s performance at the Soho Theatre was at times magic, the mixture of music and Krystle’s personality fused to create a special intimate gig; as if it were you and a few mates just jamming in her (rather large) abode.  Krystle playing the guitar and singing some tunes while trying to tell some jokes.

The performance was captivating, the Soho Theatre almost silent and tranquil as she sung – the audience seemed to hang on every word with a cheers of appreciation the second her songs finished and not a moment sooner.  Indeed, when she finished one song, so engaged were people that no one started to clap until the final piece of reverb has left the speakers.  The idle chat you frequently hear at shows was none existent as the crowd seemed to eat up and appreciate every chord.

Krystle herself is a big factor in the success of her live shows.  Her warm and funny personality is at complete contrast to the sober, contemplative and sometimes complex content of many of her songs.  Humorous tales of previous shows and misadventures in M&S mixed with jibes at her buddy Rufus Wainwright (who she recently toured with) are told in an endearing way and funny way.

The star of any Krystle Warren show is the ; rough, rugged, personal and emotive.  The earthy tone of Krystle’s voice adds a weight to each lyric she utters – this is serious music whilst being accessible.  With just a guitar in-hand she seems to conjure up musical concoctions of almost every  genre under the sun; jazz, folk, bluegrass, country, soul… it is all there.  A pleasing cover of Jealous Guy complete with crowd participation comedic whistling was a pitch-perfect reinterpretation.  The First Day of Autumn was a sheer joy (and my new favourite Krystle record).

I could have listened to Krystle all night however after an hour and a half (and with another show due in the auditorium) all good things had to come to an end.  Following a sweet rendition of Year and Issue and a humorous “competition” which rewarded one lucking audience member with the opportunity to praise how “fucking great” the show was to us.

I’m very much looking forward to the release of the second CD in her Love Songs project which highlights the times when we no longer want to embrace.  Anyone off to see Rufus Wainwright on his coming tour really needs to get there early because they may find the star of the night is the lady singing before he even hits the stage.


Krystle Warren at Soho Theatre Krystle Warren at Soho Theatre Krystle Warren at Soho Theatre

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