Songs of the Week: Bridget Kelly, Hannah Williams, Latasha Lee, Shy Girls, Tre Williams

I’ve been crazy busy so haven’t had a chance to post any songs I like for a while.  Wanted to get this one out because they end of the year is really chruning out some real crackers… without further ado some songs which have pleasuring my ear drums these last few weeks…

SOTW - Bridget Kelly Special

Bridget Kelly – Special Delivery

I remember during summer I was complaining about the lack of real R&B of late.  And then like buses, the great songs, EPs, mixtapes (and occasional album) have been flying out.  This song by Bridget Kelly raises the bar yet again.  A sweet sounding, solid gold R&B record.  It reminds me of the late 90s / early 00s when R&B actually stood for something more than spending money in clubs.  This is one of those songs to relate to, hold ya hand in the air and say “yes sister!”  I really hope Bridget Kelly has a stonking 2013 because the music she has released thus far consistently raises the bar (and she always sung Empire State of Mind better than Alicia Keys did too, in my humble opinion!).  The best music really is made when the mainstream is looking the otherway.  I really do hope the mainstream keeps looking at the dance music scene so absolute gems like this can be made.


Hannah Williams and the Tastemakers – (When Are You Gonna) Say You’re Mine

I saw this lovely band warming up for Charles Bradley and was thoroughly impressed.  They’ve finally released their debut album and it pretty much ensures and confirms their additional to the list of Britain’s premier soul bands.  A heavy dose of retro, powerful horns and a lead singer that could tear down houses such is the power of  her voice.  This record is probably my favourite song from the album,  a slow emotional number which lets everything gently build before it all gets too much and Hannah just explodes in a manner which would have James Brown close to tears of pride and appreciation.  The track left me applauding  after my first listen (embarrassingly the first listen was on the tube… music this good just does that to you sometimes though).

SOTW - Latasha Lee

Latasha Lee – Win Her Heart

Keeping it soulful (just less retro), I need to know where Latasha Lee has been hiding my whole life.  I could listen to this all day – I pretty much have been to be fair.  Raw, wholesome soul music with a hint of Amy Winehouse.  It’s the kind of track you put on in the morning and just makes you feel good about the world.

So so so excited to hear more from this girl in 2013.

SOTW - Shy Girls UNder Attach

Shy Girls – Under Attack

This one is more electro R&B; think The Weeknd, The XX even shades of Prince.  It is soft, subtle yet builds and broods with passion.  A great great record which I hope gets support because its just beautiful.

Tre Williams Revalations Forgot

The Revelations feat. Tre Williams – I Forgot To Be Your Lover

I am very precious when it comes to my favourite songs so when I saw this track popped-up on The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack, as much as I love Tre Williams & The Revelations, I approached with extreme caution.   You know this group are real lovers of soul music because it is a cover which pay homage to William Bell’s original.  On its own it is a great impassioned record, as a cover record it is the biggest kind of compliment a musician can pay.

Even if like me you love the original and think no one should really ever touch the record… don’t be afraid to press play because you won’t be disappointed.

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