Gig review and pictures: Leddra Chapman at Borderline, London – 30/01/2013

It felt like a miracle; the stars aligned and I managed to actually make it to a Ledda Chapman headline show.  Not even an 11th hour nightmare managed to stop me and I finally made it to Borderline dishevelled and only semi-unscathed just in time to Leddra to take the stage… good thing is the show turned out to be worth the wait (and emotional turmoil).

Leddra’s gig was one I thoroughly enjoyed.  Leddra seems to have this presence, this aura and glow which just showers a room in happiness.  Her tales of the trails and tribulations of love connect in a really human way which leaves you looking back on even the worst / most embarrassing relationship moments with a sense of fondness.   I Got Rhythm was one of the songs of the night, a joyous tale of trying to compare yourself to your ex’s “seemingly perfect” new partner.  Told with razor sharp wit it is a song you want to hear again and again.

It’s surprising that in the space of a short time, Leddra has created quite a solid catalogue of songs.   She visited her début album, Telling Tales, as well as recent EP A Trick Or Two.  She even managed to through in a colourful and very unexpected cover of Jamie T’s Sheila.  It was a show of surprises which matched her glowing personality.

I really like the way she played with her arrangements throughout the night.  Keeping it simple when needed made the slower songs hit home with a little bit more strength and impact.

Closing the show with Wine Glass, which is you haven’t heard it is one of those records when the sun, stars and moon aligned during its creation.   Such a great record and always a winning touch when she plays it.

Leddra is an artist bursting with ideas and talent and I really do hope she can continue her upward trajectory.  She’s turning in to a pop/folk treasure and I really do hope 2013 is the year she can breakthrough in a big way.


Leddra Chapman at Borderline, London Leddra Chapman at Borderline, London Leddra Chapman at Borderline, London Leddra Chapman at Borderline, London

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