Songs of the Week: Latasha Lee, Brooke Valentine, Melanie Fiona, Honey Larochelle, Darondo


Latasha Lee & The BlackTies – So Blind

Latasha Lee… (sorry forgot the name change, Latahsa Lee & The Blackties) just keep on releasing pure magic.   Their retro-soul sound is note perfect in my humble opinion.  Every song they release just seems to hit the right note for me.  They certainly have a sound, however that sound for me is just what I want from music right now.  I hope there is an album coming (and a live show in London) because right now I cannot get enough of Ms. Lee and her Ties!

SOTW - Brooke Valentinx2

Brooke Valentine – Don’t Wanna Be In Love

So last time I wrote a “songs of the week,” I featured Brooke Valentine for a song which took a bit more of a pop-rock direction with promise.  I google’d her most recent music, and guess what; she didn’t continue down the pop-rock route!  Doesn’t matter because this more recent record is still every bit removed from her original music as anything.  I mature, grown piece of R&B using hip-hop samples, atmospheric strings it is the kind of R&B the radio is missing too much.

Yes, this song is playing it safer (and there is still a part of me that wishes she had explored to rock edge a little more) but it is a f**king great record.  On the comeback trail, Brooke seems like a woman who loves making music, however has not quite settled on which sound she wants to go with.  I say let this experiment continue because these last two records have been awesome.  She could have been like every other “R&B” singer (and I loose that term loosely) and gone down the dance record route and probably made a fair bit… she’s stayed true to her routes, and on the last two tracks taken it to another level so long may this re-invention continue!

Ps. Also found a version of her singing Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor, well worth a listen (and she really needs to come to London too!)

SOTW - Melanie Wrong Side

Melanie Fiona – Wrong Side of a Love Song

Another great record from Melanie Fiona, a singer who deserves far more recognition this side of the pond than she gets.  Not much more needs to be said really – enjoy this one over and over.

SOTW - Honey Larochelle

Honey Larochelle – Fighting For Him

A fun, power-funk-soul record from Honey Larochelle in advance of her album due in March.  It is fun, its bouncy and has enough knock-out power to keep me bubbling, and trying to shake my modestly sized male booty!  Enjoy… just realised, its a bit of a soul/R&B overload this week!

SOTW - Darondo

Darondo – Didn’t I

Just because it’s a song of the week does not mean it have to be semi-current.  Discovered this song while watching Breaking Bad and with it a hidden treasure of 70s soul artist.

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