Songs of the Week: Lady, The Lift, Kcat, A History of Apple Pie

lADY sotW

Lady – Money

Something amazing happened on Saturday; I bought a CD from an actual, physical, bricks and mortar  record store.  I know, I know, I know, that’s mental.  Wondering around Soho I found a record store which had real people working in it – they sold books too!  Felt like it was 2001 all over again!

The CD I purchased was Lady, the collaboration between Terri Walker and Nicole Wray, who I have heard rumours about however not been exposed to any of their tracks… until now!   The album is exceptional; it sounds like it was plucked straight from the 70s and has some gorgeous cuts .

Money is one of the more funky cuts on the record, enjoy many times over.

The Lift - SOTW

The Lift – Lost In The Middle

The Lift is Amber  Ojeda’s new project with Davy Nathan and it takes her music in to a new place, almost the antithesis of the cheeky and playful soul we have come accustomed to from her.  The Lift is a more atmospheric and emotive setup; gorgeous vistas of music which carry you away to new places.  Close your eyes, settle back and let this one take you to wherever it is you want to go.


Kcat – Greater Love

I have to say that I am precious about certain records… and when I think of 90s era jungle there a lot of records I am very precious about – and its probably no surprise Soundman, Don Lloydie and Elizabeth Troy’s seminal cut, Greater Love, is one I am particularly protective of… until now.  I’ve come to realise two versions of this record can co-exist.

While the aforementioned version was very much a gentle diversion from the adrenaline fuelled scene of the time, Kcat’s version is an strong injection straight to the veins of pace, energy, and a thumping bass.  Everything the original represented in terms of calmness, Kcat takes a flame-thrower to and ramps up completely!  The more I listen to it the more it jumps out from the speakers, pumps me up and the more I love it.

That’s why the two versions can co-exist, because they sit so separately on the spectrum.  One thing though, this definitely one of those records that is best enjoyed LOUD – turn your speakers up and you’ll see exactly what I mean!


A History of Apple Pie – See You

And now for a bit of surf influenced indie rock music.  A History of Apple Pie have been intriguing me since I first heard You’re So Cool at the end of last year.  The guitar licks are heavy and remind me of that classic West Coast rock and roll sound; think Best Coast and Surfer Blood.

See You takes the theme and continues it in joyously retro fashion.

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