Songs of the Week: Lion Babe, Elle Winston, Natalia Kills, Ciara

Lion Babe

Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire

This track is piece of lo-fi soul gold.  Not much more needs to be said.  The crackle of the sample just burns through you speakers while the bass and vocal combination hypnotises in a sumptuous way.  This is the only track I can find from Lion Babe, its a shame because I am really in need of more.  A lot more.  Great great record!

ellie winston

Elle Winston – Waiting On

Staying with the soul, however this time a lot more acoustic.  A lovely track which builds as Elle Winston just seems to get lost in the track.  Another fine discovery.

Natalia Kills Problem

Natalia Kills – Problem

I’m a big fan of Natalia Kills  and this record, Problem, continues along with her hard hitting, bass heavy music which oozes a sense of nonchalant brashness.  Very much looking forward to more new music from Natalia Kills (and for her to gig in the UK!).


Ciara  – Body Party

Never really been a big fan of Ciara, however I have to give credit where it is due.  Slow jams rarely get released in the mainstream these days and this one is darn sexy little number reminiscent of the early noughties jams which used enter DJ sets at the end of the night.  Love the subtle use of the Ghost Town DJs sample too.  If this one gets a lot of radio play I will not be complaining.

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