Songs of the Week: 7Bit Hero, Wynter Gordon, Mano’s Daughter


7Bit Hero – Come on. Stand Out.

I funky bit of indie pop from 7Bit Hero.  This is one of those numbers which makes just want to dance around like a grown-up kids splashing in giant puddles with pink wellies one!  It just has an infectious feel good vibe about it which I love.  Great record (and great EP too – available over on Bandcamp).


Wynter Gordon – Lucky Ones

I little bit dance, a little bit R&B, a little bit pop.  Wynter Gordon has fused a great cocktail of styles to create this boucny little number off her EP from earlier in the year, Human Condition Pt. 2: Sanguine.  Wynter Gordon has been bubbling under for a few years now and I very much am looking forward to her blowing-up because she has been creating great records for more than a minute now.


Mano’s Daughter – Tailored

From two happy and joyful tunes to something quite mysterious, spooky and very atmospheric.  This is a gem of a record because it does make for a pleasingly dark and macabre listen.  There is often a temptation to go too far on these kinds of songs, however Mano’s Daughter tease with soft melodies and restraint at times to make the listen even more engrosing.  Love it and look forward to discovering more.

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