Photography: Shooting shoes

Don’t know why, but some people really do seem to love a nice pair of shoes.  They can also say so much about us as I discovered recently.

On my quest to learn how to take pictures, I have been running around trying to take portraits of my friends recently.  A good friend of mine is completely camera shy; she just hates having a lens in front of her.  In trying to take her portrait we stumbled upon the idea of making one through her shoes.

After playing with a few pairs we found a purple on which was just right and I think they say more about her than anything else I could have taken.

FWD a few weeks and I had some spare time, so bribed another mate with the promise of sweets and KFC to let me take photos of her shoe collection.  Thought I’d share some of the shots.

Now I am thinking about starting a little project photographing shoes.  So actually,  if anyone lives in London, has some great shoes and wouldn’t mind letting me photograph them please get in touch via my contact page or via Twitter .  I’m sure I can bribe you with Percy Pigs or other confectionery delights!

Should be fun and do get in touch

cShooting Shoes RA-5

cShooting Shoes RA-16cShooting Shoes RA-7

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