Songs of the Week: Masia One, Megan Hilty, Immortal Technique


Masia One – Make-Up

Real mixed bag this week (after an embarrassingly long hiatus).  Kicking off which this gem of a record from Masia One.  It’s punchy, funky dance track with enough quirkiness to make it worth the listen.  A great little track for those summer nights out in London Town (if we get any).  Enjoyed this one maybe a little too much.

Megan Hilty

Megan Hilty – No Cure 

Good songs can come from the weirdest places sometimes, as proven by the way Megan Hilty managed to wonder in to my music listening repertoire.  I discovered Megan Hilty whilst channel surfing and laughing at the opinions on Fox News.  Yep, out of nowhere they just cut to Megan performing No Cure and I instantly melted (although I am now choosing to ignore the fact she was performing on Fox News because that could open a whole new moralistic can on worms…).

Anyways, this is a lovely, charming, country/pop tune reminiscent of Need You Now, which lingers in the mind and softens the heart.  The melancholy part of my soul is looking forward to hearing more where this came from.


Immortal Technique – Natural Beauty

From dance to pop to… Immortal Technique!  Been listening to a lot of Technique following his show at the Royal Festival Hall (still cannot quite get over the fact he played there).  Natural Beauty has to be up there with his best records, and it always nice to see Immortal Technique’s soft side.

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