Songs of the week: Aardahna, Shy FX, Velvet Stream


Aardahna – You Don’t Love Me

This is the first of three absolute gems this week

For a while now I have bemoaned the lack of good R&B/soul music out there, however I’m starting to think I can’t complain much any more.  Over the last 18 months or so I have found some absolute gems; Latasha Lee & The Black Ties, Hannah Williams &  The Tastemakers, Lee Fields,  The Revelations feat. Tre WilliamsAmber Ojeda,  Amy Lynn & The Gunshow, Lady… the list could go on for days.

It reminds of that period about 2002 – 2004 when Eric Roberson, Musiq Soulchild, Terri Walker, Vivian Green,  et al were all putting out sensational albums.  I’m not saying this is a golden era for indie soul (yet, too soon to tell) but blooming eck is there some insanely good music out there at the minute.

Last weekend I discovered  Aardahna while browsing around on Bandcamp and her album blew my mind.   Treble & Reverb was an absolute joy to listen to.  Retro soul, with a strong does of sassiness and enough modern twerks to keep it interesting.  Love, love, love, love the album.  Her latest single is up there with the best on an album that deserves some serious attention.


Shy FX feat. Liam Bailey – Soon Come

A song which was made for summer – this is brilliant in every way, shape and form.  Shy FX is on top form with this throwback reggae/ska beat and Liam Bailey’s husky vocals are placed to perfection.  It sounds like a lost treasure from 1974 complete with instagram video and laid back horn section.  So happy this record found its way to my ears… and guess what?  There is not a single drum ‘n’ bass lick to be found anywhere… that said, I think a remix would be pretty epic!  Mr. FX, what ya waiting for?


Velvet Stream – Bitch

A great bit of jaunty rock-pop from Velvet Stream.  They have been off my radar for a little bit so it was nice to see them developing more with new music.  Hearing this also serves as a reminder to get off my lazy a** and go see them play again!  Their mini-show at Must Be Pop (darn I miss that night) was good good fun and I’m sure they are a band  getting better and better with each live show.

That’s me for this week… the sun comes out, great music and I’m immediately in a good mood 🙂

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