Songs of the week: Cleo Sol, KCAT, Anhayla, Robin McKelle

SOTW - Banner Cleo Sol

Cleo Sol – Borderline

To use a phrase I have not used in about 10 years; this is niiiiiiice!

It throws-back nicely to that 2000 era R&B with a massive nod to Aaliyah.  Cleo borrows without imitating (there is a subtle difference) and it makes for an encapsulating listen on a song full of sweet vocals, and youthful tales of rebellion (“ride or die” is another phrase I haven’t heard for a while).  The use of the Kendrick Lamar beat is a treat against the throwback ad-libs in the chorus; it’s a little gem of a record.

The only way this song could be better would be if Tupac himself jumped on for a cameo, it is just that kind of tune.  Her soundcloud says this is the start of a new direction for her.  I selfishly have my fingers, toes, legs, arms and anything else I can find crossed she continues on this path.

KCAT banner

KCAT – Take You To Heaven

After listening to the new Cleo Sol record curiosity took me over to KCAT’s soundcloud to see if anything new had popped up.

I’ve been quietly rooting for KCAT and Mike Delinquent in their quest to bring 2-step Garage back to the masses over the past 18 months as they keep churning out bangers.  And this latest offering, Take You To Heaven, is fierce.  Forty-six seconds in, the drop is pure joy – takes me right back to 1999.  Sunshine, Two-Step… what more could one really ask for?  Really, really hoping this one gets some radio play behind it and these guys start getting the wider recognition they deserve.


Anhayla – If I Was (I Think I Love You)

This is the stand-out on Anhayla’s mixtape of the same name.  It is one of those records that gets you immediately screwing your face and slow head-bobbing away.  The vibes on the record are sweet as she pours her heart out to the man she loves.  If everything she offers is true it’d definitely put her in best girlfriend ever territory!  By the end of tune the guitars kick in and you feel like fist pumping the air.  It’s a journey of emotions all in three minutes and forty-seven seconds.

The mixtape is worth checking out too. When it works it is very good.


Robin McKelle – Miss You Madly

I discovered Robin McKelle last week when I saw still swooning over Aaradhna.  The same vibe, strong soul with a heavy retro-twist.  I love the pulse of the record.

That’s your lot for this week – peace!

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