Music & Photography: Andreya Triana at Lovebox 2013

It may have taken three and half years and many many failed or ambushed attempts but it finally happened… I managed to see Andreya Triana perform live!  It can serve as a lesson to us all, perseverance sometimes pays off!

It turned out to be a decent show too (and worth the three and a half year wait!).  The songs and her performance had a lot more energy than I was expecting.  Her album, Lost Where I Belong, is very subtle so I did not expect to dance around half as much as I did.  No doubt she was feeling super-charged by her awesome suit complete with fluorescent camouflage – the dream was lived!    The high-energy was a teenie problem  though because the tent she played in quickly became the worlds hottest sauna.

She did strip it back from time to time, A Song For A Friend, was moving and a beautifully and sparse version of Lost Where I Belong made my afternoon.  The set was littered with new songs which whetted the appetite and begged the question, when is a new album coming out?  Fingers crossed for one coming soon.

Thoroughly enjoyable start to a day in the sunshine at Lovebox and one of the highlights too.  Fingers crossed it won’t take another three and half years to see her perform again!


Andreya Triana Lovebox 2013

Andreya Triana performs at Lovebox 2013

Andreya Triana performs at Lovebox 2013

Andreya Triana performs at Lovebox 2013

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