Songs of the Week: Hannah Boleyn, Kid Astray, Lorde, Ny

It feels like an eternity since I last  wrote a post… probably because it was.  Definitely been good these last couple days actually finding time to check out some new (to me) music.  Straight in to it I say…


Hannah Boleyn – When You Gone

It is no secret that I love big sounding retro soul and Hannah Boleyn delivers everything I love.  Part Paloma Faith with a sprinkle of Winehouse this is a great little record.  I can listen to this one over and over.  Really looking forward to seeing her play and see what wonders she creates on stage.


Kid Astray – The Best of Us

Talking of addictive records, this summer tinged indie-pop gem is darn addictive too.  It’s fun, dreamy and has a sound more refreshing than an ice-cold can of Rio.  Kid Astray look like ones to watch for the future, I love to soft disco vibes to the record – one for the dance-floors definitely.


Lorde – Tennis Court

And now for something a little bit darker.  Recently discovered Lorde and it seems I’m pretty late on her (seeing as most of her videos have 2m+ plays on YouTube – some things never change!).  A strong brooding bass which hums wonderfully helps make the record so much moreish.  She’s playing Madame JoJo’s on September 18th, should be a very special little show.


Ny – Shut it down

To call this a guilty pleasure would be to do it a disservice.  It is just a screw-up your face, swing your arms around like a mad idiot kind of pleasure.  The start is dancehall, then the drop… oh my word.  Fro then on she doesn’t look back; this track is fierce!

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