Songs of the Week: Tess Henley, XX N XX, Cleo Sol, Salaam Remi

It has been so long since I last blogged, I cannot even remember what I blogged about!  Well thought I would, as my comebacks usually start with, share a few songs that have caught me ears recently.  So without further a do…#


Tess Henley – Something To Say

I have a feeling 2013 will be remembered for unleashing some tremendous indie soul artists.  Tess Henley, who it turns out has been around for a minute and two albums, is definitely one I am blessed to have found.  Her sophomore album, High Heels and Sneakers, is a treasure trove of easy, sassy, soul music.   This laid back number is perhaps my favourite on the album (although this could be influenced by me writing on a Sunday evening), still it is full of passion and warmth and whole lot of soul.  Great track.


XX△N△XX – Broken Hope

I am pretty sure the more airtime XX△N△XX get the more they will be compared to Little Dragon, but trust me that is no bad thing.  Sparse, soulful electronic music that moves you.  Broken Hope is a wonder in its simplicity and almost hypnotic at times. Who knew there would be a sound this fresh coming out of Warsaw? Starting to wonder what other delights are being hidden by our Eastern European neighbours.

cleo sol SOTW

Cleo Sol – Buying Her Stairway to Heaven

Another great track from Cleo Sol, I think I now have to consider myself a fan.  I like the way she continues to borrow and blend songs from yesteryear, weaving them together in to her own creation.  Brimming with mystery and intrigue, this is another gem of a record that slowly builds and captures (then holds) your attention.


Salaam Remi feat Corrine Bailey Rae – Making It Hard for Me

The strings.  The strings.  This is an ambition piece of music that does not always work, however should be applauded for its braveness.  Salaam Remi has created a soundscape in which the strings steal the show.  The first listen was tough because there was just so much going on.  However, listen number two I was no longer taken back by the sheer scale of the string arrangement and the rest of the record was able to filter.. and my my my what I record.

After listening to this I did some googling and found out it is part of  project Salaam Remi has been working on called “One In the Chamber” – I am certainly going to download this and see what its all about.  Really do hope he is as bold with his other string arrangements as on this one.  The more I listen to it, the more special it becomes.

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