Gig News: Little Boots returns to Heaven

DSCF1476In summer 2009 I went to see Little Boots play at Heaven.  Who’d have know after seeing little Victoria Hesketh perform I would be motivated to start blogging about my mini-adventures in the world of live music (indeed, a babble of a review was my first post). So the fact she is playing there again, four and a half years later is more than worth a mention.

Thinking back to her gig now it turned out to be a very important moment in my life, and I almost didn’t go.  I remember it had sold out so a friend and I had to barter tickets from a tout on eBay.  It was the night I spied someone with a really snazzy little Sony camera which left me awestruck.  The feeling of awe lasted a few days and curiosity led me to a tiny little camera shop in Euston.  Who’d have known her gig would have been the night I fell in love with photography too?  A love affair that has developed so much over the last few years (yes, I know my pictures still aren’t that good… I do love taking them though).

It’s not only the love for photography; that night was also responsible for me starting the blog with probably the worst name in the whole blogsphere!  Still, it has lead me to having some awesome adventures, seeing some fantastic shows (and some not so fantastic shows) and meeting a whole load of great people.

I guess it turns out I owe Little Boots quite a lot.  If it were not for her show that summer I would never have met some of my favourite artists under the guise of an interview nor seen some unforgettable live shows (or tried teaching myself how to use a camera).  It is weird how something seemingly insignificant at the time, just turning up to a gig on a gorgeous summers evening, could have had such an impact on my life all these years later… yes, I am getting a bit sentimental now.

Details for the gig – Heaven on November 28th.  Tickets are available from Seetickets for about £16 after you factor in fees etc.  I really hope she manages to deck out Heaven like a spaceship again!

Think I’ll get there early, grab a beer and reminisce.

Little Boots… Thank You


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