Music and photography: Sophie Delila at St Pancras Old Church – 27/11/2013

Sophie Delilia performs at St Pancras Old Church, London

It’s always a good sign when your favourite song is played first, your second favourite song is played next and by the end of the night you have a whole new favourite song!  That is exactly what happened during Sophie Delila’s sumptuously heart-warming  show at St Pancras Old Church on Wednesday night.

Sophie Delila, a London residing French native, has been on my “to see live” list for a while, however I kept on missing her shows (or finding out about them after the fact).  It was a stoke of luck that I found out about this one while  trawling the St. Pancras Old Church website following Lulu James’ gig a few weeks earlier.  I’m so happy I did.

St Pancras Old Church provided a gorgeous backdrop for Sophie’s tender soul music, made even more special by in the fact she opted for an acoustic set which complemented her surroundings.  The stripped back music allowed for the her voice to radiate and steal the show.  At times like a soft cuddle by a warm fireplace, Sophie Delila’s voice wondered in through your ears and wrapped around your heart.

The setting mixed with the reduced instrumentation made songs feel even more emotive; Bound To Fall was given an emotive injection as the words were set free to be more impactful.  Her cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds was another stand-out moment, a familiar song given a new lease of life.  It was not all emotional though, as songs like What Did I Do did not lose any of their bouncy charm.

The end of set bought forth two of the show’s highlights during the encore.  A cover of Bob Sinclair’s World Hold On started a mini-sing-a-long, however it was in Love Is On Its Way, that a new gem was found (and new favourite song).  She said it wasn’t rehearsed… didn’t matter because it sounded great; a silky sweet love song which captured the feeling of the night.  I have no idea what the recorded version sounds like, I am just praying that an acoustic b-side / remix finds its way to iTunes at some point in the future.

This was a special show, and Sophie Delila is now on the must see list.  She deserved every bit of the standing ovation she received following the encore.  She has a gorgeous charm about the way she sings that energises you with its simplicity and beauty.  There is a part of me that wishes more people were there to see her set, as it was a joy to listen to… then again, there is a selfish part of me that hopes her live shows remain a bit of a secret so there’ll be more intimate gigs like this in the future.

This was a set I thoroughly enjoyed; it refreshed the soul, and every soul needs a good old clean sometimes.  Apparently the next show is at Bush Hall in May, see you there!


Sophie Delilia singing at St Pancras Old Church, London

Sophie Delilia singing at St Pancras Old Church, London


Guitarist plays with Sophie Delila at St Pancras Old Church, London


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