Songs of the week: Lily & Madeline, Blood Orange, Bright Light Bright Light, Bombay Bicycle Club

L&M sotw

Lily & Madeline – Spirited Away

The is a spacious beauty about Lily & Madeline’s music that is infectious.  I have a feeling their gentle folk melodies are going to be a big deal in 2014.  This is probably my favourite from the debut album.

Blood Orange sotw

Blood Orange – Clipped On

The new Blood Orange album is reassuringly familiar, Dev has a trademark sound and his album is very much like variations on the theme.  This track however caught me by surprise and  I think the less said the better (don’t wanna ruin the surprise).  Click play and enjoy.  Could only find a Spotify link unfortunately.

BBC sotw

Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me

This was another track to take me by surprise last week because it is not like anything I have heard from Bombay Bicycle Club before.  It has a really strong electro vibe; much more Phantogram than classic BBC.  It has grown and grown and grown on me over the last few days and I can now say I am big fan.  At times this is a sonic punch to the face, love it!

BLBL sotw

Bright Light Bright Light – Movement In The Dark

Bright Light Bright Light (so good he named himself twice) released a new EP recently and while he aces the pop records for me it is on the slower ones where he really shines.  Like Your Love Is A Tease and Debris before it, this one is a subtle, affecting little gem of a record.

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