Songs of the Week: Shy Girls, The Sun Days, Sam Smith, Rosie Ellinor Dougal,

Shy Girls SOTW

Shy Girls – Voyeurs Gaze

I’ve been really slacking of late.  I had no idea Shy Girls had finally released their second EP (which features Under Attack – epic, epic record).  The Timeshare EP is every bit as good as the aforementioned lead single/release.  However, track of the EP had to go to Voyeur’s Gaze.  It’s a heady mix of soul music, indie undertones, big drums, cool keys and complex vocal arrangements.  This is one best enjoyed loud and in stereo!  Musical magic wrapped in to 193 seconds and a definite contender for track of the year.

The Shy Girls SOTW

The Sun Days – You Can’t Make Me Make Up My Mind

When Lucky Soul stopped making music there was a void left in my musical life.  However, The Sun Days may just be the ones to fill that whole with their playful and melodic indie pop.  Sounding like a fusion of Best Coast and Those Dancing Days this single is a carefree record with sweetly melancholy lyrics about the indecision of love.  Great record.

The only problem I have with the band is their name, which I really like because it captures them to a tea, its just makes them so bloody hard to find out about (i.e. Google)!  It’s almost as if they were purposely trying ot make themselves hard to find, lol.   For that reason alone, I’ll link to their Facebook here because otherwise you’ll probably have to spend about another 15 minutes trying to find it (if you like the record that is).


Rose Elinor Dougall – Strange Warnings

While reminiscing about Lucky Soul I saw that Rose Elinor Dougal had released a new EP.  I like the way her music has developed since she split from The Pipettes (many moons ago).  Really liking this mystical sounding record from the Future Vanishes EP.

Sam Smith SOTW

Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

Want a record to hear a record to put you in a good mood?  A record to get to you bouncing up and down wherever you are?  Then look no further than this infectious record from Sam Smith.  Be careful where you play it though because it really does seem to locate and then pound away at the part of your brain which triggers dancing!  You can feel the love in put in to the record.

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