Gig News: Bridget Kelly comes to London… NEXT WEEK!!!!

Yes, you read the headline correct, Bridget Kelly is doing a show at Camden’s Jazz Café on Monday 27th January.  I’ve had my fingers, toes and anything else I could find crossed for this gig to for the last few years so for it to come so early in 2014 is definitely good omen for the year.

I have loved Bridget Kelly since I saw a video of her performing Empire State of Mind with Jay-Z and her vocal blew Alicia Key’s out of the park and then some.  Her Every Girl EP, released in 2011, was one of the R&B highlights of the year and has me pretty much had me yearning for more music ever since. The acoustic cover she delivered of Frank Ocean’s Thinking About Forever was every bit as good as the original.  Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about this girl (shoot, I almost flew out to New York when I saw her and Melanie Fiona were performing at SOBs together… then sanity punched me in the face!).

Seeing her come back with new music at the end of 2012 was a joy, Special Delivery stood out for its heartfelt nature, throwing back to the traditional R&B sound which seems so forgotten at times.  Her latest EP, Cut To… Bridget Kelly, continues where she left off with sumptuous R&B (Cocaine Heartbreak is dream of a record).

So, back to the show.  Tickets are £15 (bargain)… plus fees, “delivery” etc. (not so bargain) and available from Ticketmaster.  This should be a special little gig which I am really looking forward to (I might have said that already).


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