Food: Banana & Blackberry Smoothie


I love to eat them, however don’t very much like them in drinks.  It is something about the texture and the overpowering flavour that makes me dislike drinking them.  It’s the main reason why I never got into the whole “smoothie” thing back in the day; bananas.  No matter what flavour it was, every smoothie on the shelf was packed full of bananas which ended up being the only thing I could taste.

It just so happens that banana’s are causing me a bit of a problem at the moment because I have quite a few ripe bananas in the house which I need to use up.  This means I gotta start making banana smoothies, yikes!

This morning I set out to create a banana smoothie in which the banana’s didn’t hijack everything else and take over.  I think I cracked it because what I conjured up today I will definitely be making again and neither the banana flavour nor texture dominates.  It’s actually quite refreshing a drink.

Ingredients – all approximate

  • 1 ripe banana
  • c.100g Blackberries
  • c. 150ml Apple Juice
  • A little bit of fresh ginger
  • 5ish ice-cubes


Sure you know the drill by now, just blend it all together until smooth(ie).

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