Music: Gig News – Delilah playing in Union Chapel

Not really be able to do much beyond sit and home drinking smoothies means I have not been keeping up with who has been playing where and when.  It would be tortuous to know what’s been going on when you have no hope of participating.

Browsing the internet this morning however, this show did catch my eye and even if I cannot go it would be rude not to share the news.  Delilah, who is more than overdue some new music is playing a show at Union Chapel at the start of August.  I think her style of music is especially suited to this grandiose venue so it should be a beautiful moment.

I was blessed to see her sing  few notes there as a surprise guest of Liam Bailey and that was a treat.  The thought of hearing the haunting bars of Tabitha, Mummy and Me swirling around the Union Chapel is pretty darn mouth-watering.

The show is on August 5th and tickets are available from Ticketweb at £19.25 pop; bargain when you take in to account the performer and the venue.

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