Food: Thick ‘n’ Creamy Mango & Avocado Smoothie

This morning turned in to a bit of idea mayhem.

After speaking to a very good friend last night I promised I would make a veggie based super-healthy concoction this morning.  However, when I woke up and saw the grey skies hanging over London I felt like something sweet to brighten the mood.  So off I trundled to my local convenience store only for them not have any Strawberries or Kiwi Fruits  – talk about disaster!

In the end I had to play with what was in the fridge and luckily there was an avocado and a half eaten mango; result!

This mix is not particularly sweet, however it is thick and creamy with the texture of one of those over indulgent milkshakes.  It was also hard to blend for some reason so I had to shake the blender while it was mixing to get it smooth.  I do not recommended doing the same because even as I was picking it up and shaking it I could feel the health and safety issues screaming at me… continued to do it though 🙂


  • Half a large Mango
  • Half an avocado
  • A big handful of Spinach
  • A squeeze of lime juice
  • c.100ml of apple juice
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • 5ish ice-cubes


I whacked everything at once and blended as usual.  However, with the mixture being so creamy the blender really struggled.  If you have a better blender than I (and trust me, you probably do) I think you’ll not have the problems I did.  Shaking the blender (although it does work) is not recommended so I would suggest mixing up each ingredients as you go so its easier for the blender to process (I assume).

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